The quilt pillow is yellow, what should I do?

During sleep, the excretions such as sweat from the body contain organic components, such as protein (which has been denatured and precipitated), fat, etc. These components stick to the fabric and deposit in the gaps of the fabric, which accumulate over a long period of time, which naturally causes the quilt pillow to lose color. yellow. What should I do? Continue to use the effect of beauty, throwing a good waste. Violet home textile experts believe that if you want to restore white and bright clothes, you have to think.
First of all, it is recommended that you do not use 84,84 is oxidative bleaching, which can make the organic matter such as body oil on the clothes carbonized, it will destroy the fiber component of the clothes. Some simple ways can help you.
1 Washing rice water + orange peel is simple and effective: keep the rice water or put the orange peel into the pot and add water to cook. After soaking the yellowed quilt pillowcase, it can be easily restored to whiteness. Not only is it simple, it is not like the fluorescent whitening agent sold in the market, which has side effects on the skin and does not hurt the fabric. It is a good method worth trying.
2 Yellow stains produced by sweating, removed with ammonia:
Perspiration caused by sweating, because the sweat containing fat, easy to coagulate in the cloth fiber, so add about 2 tablespoons of ammonia water during washing, soak for a few minutes, then wash it, then wash it with water, according to the general procedure , you can remove the yellow and yellow sweat stains! You can also try it with milk!

Do you feel very troublesome? In fact, these small methods can only solve the surface phenomenon. If the pillow core is yellowed, is it still unwashed? Violet Bio-Home Textiles secretly tells you that it is never too much trouble to maintain the quilt pillow.
In recent years, Violet Home Textiles has introduced a number of experts in the washing industry through the integration of resources across industries, and combined with our cleaning technology, we are preparing to install the “Violet Cleansing Museum” in the country. Through our professional care and treatment, the bedding products that have no cleansing function will also have the function of cleaning bacteria. This not only solves the problem of cleaning the bedding of consumers, but also gives your bedding a powerful cleaning function. Do you think that with this technology, the core of the core pillow is yellow, is it a problem?
In addition to cleaning and cleaning the bacteria, our home textile products also provide a variety of customized services such as addition and fragrance. Using our patented technology, a variety of natural nutrients and natural essential oils are penetrated into the interior of the fabric and then slowly released through changes in body temperature during sleep. In this way, during your sleep, you can achieve a variety of health care and fragrance SPA effects, making one third of the time to become more natural regeneration.
Whether you are directly purchasing our vitality home textile products, or enjoying our comprehensive cleaning, addition and fragrance services at our cleaning center, you can enjoy a cleaner, healthier and healthier sleeping environment. Improve your sleep quality and quality of life, let you sleep better and sleep deeper.

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