Different shoulder type choose a different bra straps to create a real breast

Through daily study, female friends have mastered how to choose their own underwear according to their own chest type, but still encounter shoulder strap slipped, Le marks and other troubles, the key is to ignore the shoulder type, different shoulders should be Choose a different shoulder strap, so that the beauty of the chest can be more perfect.


Figure: ELLE brand underwear

Thin shoulder: Moderate shoulder curvature, shoulder muscle is not thick, clavicle, shoulder blade obvious. The average girl is such a shoulder. Select the bra can choose the shoulder strap slightly outside the design, shoulder strap width can be narrower, which is commensurate with the thin shoulders. You can also choose the middle of the shoulder strap design, so that breast lift force stability.

不同的肩型选择不同的文胸肩带  塑造真正的美胸

Figure: ELLE brand underwear

Thick shoulders: moderate shoulder curvature, thick shoulder muscles, clavicle, scapula look not big, choose bra to choose a bit wider shoulder straps, enough tension, shoulders are comfortable. Shoulder strap is best to choose the middle or by the side of some, too easy to fall to the outside, in addition, the thick shoulder girl to look at the strap when you look at the density of the fabric, the front shoulder strap is not flexible to better pull the breast.

不同的肩型选择不同的文胸肩带  塑造真正的美胸

Figure: ELLE brand underwear

Oblique shoulders: commonly known as the United States shoulder, this type of girl was more willow waist, graceful. Such shoulders arc large, large slope, easy to fall off the shoulder strap, it is best not to choose the shoulder strap outside the lateral bra, but not too comfortable on the inside of the shoulder strap, shoulder strap to choose the middle design and slightly wider shoulder strap, At the same time, the back strap plastic and back U-shaped shoulder strap design is the preferred oh!

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