Declassified Simsil O2O Mall (7) - system flow grab the prophet

Optimization of system flow is the soul of the mall design. The user experience is smooth, store page views, conversion and re-purchase rate is improved, it depends directly on the thought process framework to build the system, today you decrypt Xi Shier O2O mall is not the same system flow.


The previous period on the Xisier O2O smart mall UI interface, smart shopping guide, smart push, shopping, quick return of the five functions were described in detail, I believe you have a basic understanding of Aliszer O2O Mall, this issue with We share the mall overall system processes and user experience process.

Sisier O2O user experience process:

User Login Website → Register Member → Choose Smart Shopping or Free Shopping → Order → Choose to Buy Payment → Order SMS → Offline Experience or Express Delivery → Tucao Single → Complete (the above process becomes an image)


SisiEr O2O mall system processes to ensure that users experience smooth, optimize shopping links, allowing users to choose their own favorite way to buy, full intelligent services and high quality experience.

Sisier O2O Mall () Is there any other difference?

Please continue to pay attention tomorrow:

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