T-strap sandals to help you increase the length of long legs sister

Ben Wang July 2 hearing, want long legs? A pair of exquisite high-heeled shoes with nature is the end, the more effective program is to a pair of T-shaped high heels. Longitudinal lines on the high heels can visually extend the leg lines again, without the need to hate the sky and also have long legs.

Dolce & Gabbana 棕色编织镂空花高跟鞋

Dolce & Gabbana brown weave high-heeled shoes, delicate woven tan technique, elegant openwork pattern. The high-heel design of the sole highlights the lady's high and perfect curves.

 Christian Louboutin 红色双排扣高跟鞋

Christian Louboutin red double-breasted high heels, shoe instep T-shaped design, the role of elongated feet, indirect visually pull long legs. Double-breasted buckle design, elegant and generous.

Jenny Packham裸色镶钻高跟凉鞋

Jenny Packham nude sandal-cut high-heeled Sandals, classic wild nude stretch leg lines, diamond design gorgeous and elegant, stylish women's essential.

Giorgio Armani blue hollow fine with high heels, simple and fresh pure tone American shoes absolutely summer's main style and the most practical choice. Combining structural geometric cutouts and glittering sequins make these shoes more modern and sophisticated.

StellaLuna 裸色漆皮高跟鞋

StellaLuna nude patent-leather high-heeled shoes with patent leather and mixed leather. Elegant nude color, pointed toe, streamlined cut design, clean and neat, use a strong and rich modern design of hard patterns and architectural lines. Feminine beauty is reinterpreted.

 GUCCI 裸色鱼嘴高跟凉鞋

GUCCI nude color fish head high-heeled sandals, classic nude color suede, simple and capable T-shaped strap design, the overall gives an elegant and generous impression, the buckle at the golden metal, exquisite workmanship is the best proof of quality . (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures of Bardi shoes)

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