Special training ing - Kadin brand national "elite training" training in Fujian Province

New image, new atmosphere! Kadin National "elite training" training in Fujian hot! In order to strengthen the skills of terminal sales staff and comprehensively improve the service quality of Karting Terminal, Karting Retail Organization (UNITAR) launched the 2014 "Elite Training Program". From June 16 to June 20, the four-day "Fujian Regional Training" conducts systematic training for the terminal sales store manager and clerks, and strengthens the study! The training was conducted by experienced training manager and display manager of retail department. The system taught courses including "Knowledge of Karting Products", "Creating Fine Services", "FAB Selling Point Refinement of Products", "Display Layout Planning", "Shop Operation Process "course and other related content. Through questions, games, simple tests, etc., the lecturer combines theory with practice to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of students so that the teaching knowledge can be maximized. Two days of intensive training, the students said they benefited greatly. For example, the introduction of this product for the issue, through the teacher's explanation, students are more aware of the product selling characteristics, customer needs, Kadin brand advantage, how to recommend the right way. Small details of the control, attitude adjustment, we have a new understanding of sales, the next lecture is looking forward to, will also be a percentage of the state for the final course of assessment to obtain good grades! PS: Cardin online community - Cardin interactive learning network will also be synchronized to open, to share learning courses. By then, Cardin terminal sales management personnel can be an online platform for effective learning and interaction, information sharing and product exchange!

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