Summer vitality necessary refreshing shorts street grab scenery

This site on June 25 hearing, sultry midsummer, in urgent need of vitality equipment adjustment mood, shorts is an essential single product at this time. What are the characteristics of seasonal shorts that have been plundered every summer? What are the characteristics of this season? Xiao Bian has selected shorts for you, such as badly printed, casual sports, slim high waist, casual jeans, and more for your summer wardrobe. multiple choice.


Refreshing color shorts, Hawaiian style embellishment suck eye, strong color rendering is a sense of style. The design of the wide-brimmed folds looks like a short skirt. The upper body is paired with a black sleeveless blouse and then stepped on high-heeled shoes. The styling is elegant and full of femininity.


Particularly comfortable casual sports shorts, waist elastic elastic treatment, trousers is a fixed curl processing, and sports wind digital printing and dyeing loose T-shirt match, show comfort and leisure.


The must-have jeans shorts in summer, the hem is a natural edging treatment, very nice, pants type to wear natural and comfortable, upper body with a loose T-shirt, and then put the clothes into the pants, a large show of leisure and modern gas field.


Cool and breathable linen high-waisted shorts, concise perspective splicing design of the thigh, added a bright spot to the model. Upper body with casual T-shirt, to create a minimalist style.

Particularly comfortable elastic waist shorts, linen blended texture, very light and breathable, high-waist version of the model, it looks like slender legs, in the casual vest with exquisite details designed to match, easy to create a refreshing casual charm. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures of Annie shoes)

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