Defrauding gold jewelry on the grounds that gold can cure vitiligo

Recently, Ms. Qi, from Zibo Zhangdian, was taken by a strange man on her way home. After obtaining the trust of Ms. Yu, the man defrauded Ms. Jin’s gold jewelry on the grounds that gold can cure vitiligo.

At about 15 pm on June 22, Ms. Yan, who lives in Zhangdian, took a walk on Xincun Road. On her way home, she passed the door of the north gate of Shangwenyuan Community. A 30-year-old man rode on a mountain bike and said: "Da, you are not? Is there a daughter working in Shanghai?” Ms. Yu replied yes, the man said that she was a classmate with Ms. Yu’s daughter. Once he went to Shanghai to work, his daughter helped him a lot. He was very grateful and said that he was More than a decade of soldiers, who have just returned from work, went to work in the Civil Affairs Bureau, and said that they can help Ms. Yan to apply for a low-income household. When she chats, Ms. Yu believes in the "pie" that fell from the sky. At this time, the man turned his head and began to tell his child that he had a vitiligo. He listened to a remedy that he could cure the affected area with gold. When he spoke, he glanced at the gold earrings on Ms. When Ms. Yu thought that the other party had promised to set up a subsistence allowance for herself, they encountered difficulties. They had a pair of gold earrings. The pair of gold earrings that were carried with them were taken off the spot for the man. After the man got the gold earrings, he said thank you, then went on a bicycle. Ms. Yu looked at the man’s abnormal reaction and felt embarrassed. She immediately rushed home and called the daughter of Shanghai to verify the case. This was confirmed to be a liar. Accompanied by her family, Ms. Yan rushed to the Zhangshang Public Security Bureau’s Mashan Police Station. Report.

Zhangdian police reminded the general public that the use of gold to grind the eclipse of vitiligo is purely nonsense. Moreover, two such cases have occurred in Zhangdian District recently. The suspects use the elderly to carry no communication tools. With a weaker sense of urgency and higher sympathy, the elderly who are walking alone are committed to commit crimes. If the general public meets with a suspicious stranger, please contact the nearest public security organ immediately. The Zhangdian police are also in the major living communities and publicly intensive. The venues posted notices to inform the modus operandi of such cases to prevent the public from being deceived.

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