Idve Women's 2014 Winter New Product Launch and Ordering Ceremony

Idve women's winter 2014 "creative journey" new conference, "Happy", "Sweet Winter", "Big Art" for the perfect interpretation of the three new theme of winter charm, brilliant color elements are bright spots, so dull cold The winter is warm and warm. At the conference site, a dazzling stage, flowing music, and attracting everyone on the scene, the models dressed in idve2014 winter clothing new products, marching pace full of rhythm, perfect interpretation of the winter fashion idve2014.

On the evening of June 26th, in the Art Space of Zhejiang Creative Park No. 7 in Wenzhou, a idve brand women's 2014 winter new product launching event with the theme of “Creativity Tour” was held to give guests from all over the country a gorgeous performance. Fashion feast.

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