How to maintain jewelry in the hot summer

Summary: For female friends, wearing jewelry can make people happy and add a touch of color to life. When worn, the correct use and maintenance of jewellery cannot be ignored. Especially in summer, the weather is high and people are prone to sweating, which is not good for jewelry.

Timely cleaning to reduce sweat erosion

The temperature in summer is high, and the oil and sweat on the human body are naturally more. The salt contained in human sweat and volatile fatty acids and urea will slowly erode the appearance of jewellery, thus destroying the jewellery gloss. For example, the surface of pearls and corals is damaged and the original luster is lost; gold and silver jewelry will also be darkened by the erosion of sweat.

Experts remind the public that jewelry is not cleaned frequently. Water stains and residues can make jewelry become a breeding ground for bacteria, which leads to “jewelry skin disease” on the wearer's skin. Therefore, jewelry must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. There are many contraindications to the cleaning of jewellery, and professional cleaning personnel can be used for maintenance. Before doing strenuous activities, it is best to remove the jewelry to prevent sweat and other erosion of jewelry. In addition, in the summer, try to wear natural gemstones, pure gold and silver jewelry, and wear less gold, gold and other jewelry.

Pay attention to sun protection and avoid direct sunlight

In the summer, the sun is strong, people should pay attention to sun protection, and jewelry should pay attention to sun protection. Many jewels and jade avoid strong sun exposure. Such as turquoise, coral, amber is not heat-resistant, should not be close to high-temperature objects, but not exposed to the sun for a long time; emerald is afraid of high temperature, the color will be reduced in case of fire, easy to burst at high temperature; amethyst, citrine, red Stones and the like should be avoided from being exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time to avoid tarnishing.

Jade jewelry should be protected from the sun or high temperature when it is worn. This will increase the internal molecular volume and the jade will lose moisture. Many people don't pay much attention to the maintenance of jade jewelry in their daily lives. They often wear jade bracelets to cook directly. In fact, the burning will make the jade lose its moist moisture. It is recommended to remove the jade jewelry when cooking.

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